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Client: Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi at International Water Summit

With water conservation as a pivotal topic, EAD participates in the International Water Summit (IWS) to present and discuss key challenges and solutions. A more industry-specific exhibit, our collaboration was at the level of interpreting critical information, designing and art directing the EAD stand which over the years has developed into an engaging information design experience, making complex information accessible, actionable and interactive.

In 2015, and carrying through from ADIHEX, we maintained the theme of “Interconnectivity” as content displayed current situations and EAD-led solutions and future policies in a visual approach was developed based on water movement and distortion. The stand was fully enclosed by reflective surfaces creating a perspective of distortions and introspection.

In 2016, our theme was interpreted through a carousel that showcased past, present and future which visitors experienced forwards and backwards. In what was the first-of-its-kind, we gathered water-centric information and insights from various government organizations to present the story of water complete with data and progressive information design. This resulted in 44 national and international entities requesting the content in its entirety. A series of photographs combining human with natural elements twined with organic typographic repetitions complimented the impressive scale and presence of the custom photographic compositions.

These were explored further in 2017 and 2018, with compositions of typography and design elements interacting with human figures. The stand explored new navigational ideas and was simplified into a memorable spatial experience always in consistent ties with the visual directions set and developed by Mojo Ink for EAD.