who we are



We are a bursting pot of popcorn at maximal intensity committed to staying hot, real and flavorful. Always moving and shaking, we are in a constant state of evolution and exploration.

What we bring to the table?

A group of specialists in different fields investing their skills, talents and aspirations to create the difference in each project we take on board.



Purpose and context come front and center at Mojo Ink. They act as our compass to keep us and our clients focused on ultimate goals


It’s simple: We want to give people something to talk about.
It’s all about share-ability, like-ability and context


It’s about breaking boundaries, reimagining playgrounds and collaborating with like-minded creative thinkers.
The cherry on top of the cake? Empowering our clients to be part of the adventure


Mojo Ink is where the heart is… And that heart wants to enjoy the ride. Who says the business journey can’t be fun?


(Overly Critical of Details) Of course we celebrate creative victories… Who doesn’t?!
We always introspect, reflect and critique in retrospect to stay grounded and build higher platforms in pursuit of consistently better results


There is the million dollar question!
It's not what we do but rather how we do it that makes it hard to define us.

We do not fit a specific mould or pre-conceived notions that place us in convenient corporate boxes.

So what do we do?

In a nutshell, we combine our different skills into a collective tune, we use our creative arsenal to bind purpose into concept, content into design and strategic communication into spatial experience, all of which become a custom-made package uniquely suited to you.

Custom Design

Special Books / Annual Reports / Infographics / Digital Skinning

Our Visual Communication and Content teams specialize in design and storytelling solutions from big ideas to art direction and creative executions. Our core strength lies in simplifying complex information, tying it to an overarching story that unfolds in visual patterns designed to make you stand apart.

Conceptual Experiences

Exhibition / Event Conceptualisation / Ambient / Interactive / Project Management / Activations

Now that’s where content and design fly off the pages to transform 3D spaces in massive installations and physical components that draw, educate and engage audiences with tangible outcomes.
Are you participating in a big event or exhibition?
Tell us what is the result you seek and if we are a match, that’s where we come in to integrate with your team and create the whole 9 yards.


Visual Identity / Brand Mapping / Brand Architecture / Communications / Storytelling

The sum total of who you are, this is the one-stop shop to reimagine the potential of your brand. Kicking off with a branding workshop, we co-create the key pillars of your brand, develop your visual identity and map your tone of voice and content to reflect who you are. We work with your teams on translating your core principles and values into tangible actions to elevate the overall brand experience across all touchpoints.