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Client: Ministry of Presidential Affairs

In a landmark visit of the Chinese President to the UAE and a first stop in his planned world tour, we were part of a joint task force working closely with the UAE Ministry of Presidential Affairs, Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with Dubai government.

We were tasked to create a first-of-its-kind brand for what would become an event that further reinforces the economical, diplomatic and political ties of both countries.

Considering each culture in its own context then looking for commonalities, we created an identity that fused and reinterpreted elements from the Chinese culture with elements from the Emirati culture. Using Chinese type, Arabic type and other significant elements from both cultures (such as the dragon) we developed a visual language that reflects cultural fusion at its best.

Our messages further reinforced the relationship by highlighting the values shared by the late Sheikh Zayed and Chinese president.

Once finalized, we streamlined and unified all communication through a centralised comms center. This played an upper hand is allowing us to accommodate all requirements in record time as well as address potential issues by resolving them ahead of time.

Post-project, we shared best practices and key learnings with client to empower stronger collaborations.