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Client: Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi at the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition

In its outreach and community engagement efforts, EAD participates in the annual hunting and equestrian exhibition ADIHEX. Our collaboration was centered on redressing the lack of public interest in the environment, the misperception of EAD’s role and finally to successfully tell the conservation stories of Abu Dhabi’s environment.

Our role was to develop the communication for each event, simplify complex information into a story that was relevant to its audience, conceptualize the theme within an exhibition space and art direct a visual language that ties the entire experience together.

In 2014, the theme was Protected Reserves with a key message: EAD protects the environment through programs across land, sea and air. For the first time, EAD brought in nature in a fun and engaging way. The experience took visitors – including school students – into a colorful journey of color, light and movement with a journey that started with an eco-passport and custom-made stamps and giveaways to travel from one reserve to the other.

2015 came with the theme of Learning Through Interconnectivity. We wanted people to experience the environment through their senses and the collaboration resulted in large scale installations serving as screening and information opportunities. We also co-created with a master perfumer 6 scents reflecting 5 key locations in Abu Dhabi.

2016 was the continuation of the highly recognizable brand language that Mojo Ink has proudly developed for EAD with the theme From Sunrise to Sunset, Spend a Day in Abu Dhabi’s Environment and brought back the travel experience . Sectioning off areas with contextualized oversized installations, Land, Sea and Air came to life in an immersive experience. We stretched the limits of art direction and cultural relevance which were the main highlights with a very modern take on Arabic typography combining ‘Thuraya’ typeface with DIN arabic in what was an usual matchmaking attempt.

2017 was all about the “Neighborhood”. We overlaid human elements and environmental elements to humanize nature and create that sense of interconnectivity to break the idea that “we are here and nature is someplace else”. Creating crossroads and intersections with colorful installations we brought the Land Sea and Air communities together with a key highlight: The Neighborhood Cinema where sensors activated the story of Abu Dhabi’s development underpinned by a mandate of conservation of which EAD is the custodian.

Our co-creation with EAD resulted in an experiential brand that evolves every year and visitors now come to see what new colorful experiences are waiting for them.

In 2019, we conceptualised an ecotopia – one that envisioned an ideal Abu Dhabi “Green City” of the year 20∞ – through futuristic elements within an urban context. Our surrealist vision imagined a future of the built in symbiosis with the natural. The stand’s gene bank featuring rehabilitated species and research samples fused with multiple digital components and installations to create a heightened sense of interactivity. As the pillars of our vision, speculative scenarios for progressive environmental thinking divided the stand into three categories: the future is responsibility, the future is now and the future is possibility.