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Client: UAE Ministry of Culture & Knowledge Development 

A very memorable project conceptualized, designed and managed in record time, this collaboration was intended to unite over 15 UAE entities onto one platform and highlight the strong cultural ties that bind the 2 nations.

The visual concept was based on cultural exchange interpreted through old patterns and symbols from both cultures which were then blended together to form new ones. The Emirati Ghutra was combined with Swords, Arabic letterforms framed ornaments abstracted from old fabrics, architecture and handicrafts.

The stand celebrated a cultural heritage through typographic installations highlighting the power of words and the beauty of traditional and modern typography at the same time through the use of Harir and Greta (TPTQ Arabic). Visitors were greeted at a custom-build reception stand we designed using the word “Marhaba” which means welcome and interactive technology took pride of place to engage visitors throughout their journey. We selected 5 words that represent the nations’ common values, designed them to be large acrylic pieces and anchored them with the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s quote: Man is the pillar of civilization. Oversized books completed the hanging typographic installations.